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​Frequently Asked Questions:


Q - I checked the IRS for my stimulus check and it says my money was deposited into an account that is not mine. What is going on?

A - If you had your filing fee deducted​ from your refund when you originally filed your tax return, the account information the IRS has on file is the 3rd party bank, Meta Bank, that processes that fee.

It was a temporary account created and closed for the sole purpose of deducting the filing fee.

The 3rd party bank, Meta Bank, will be sending the stimulus money back to the IRS. Once the IRS has received the stimulus money, they should allow you to update your account information using the

Get My Payment tool on

04/21/2020 - Update 

Many people are noticing the same wrong account information on the Get My Payment tracker. They have either been able to update their account information or not able to change anything but are being generated new deposit dates and with the wrong information.  The deposit will not be made into that account, again. This is a nation-wide glitch. What we believe will happen based on question 30 of the FAQ section is that they will be sending out paper checks to the last address filed on your tax return.

** If you are given the opportunity to update the IRS with new account information, you may be asked for your Adjusted Gross Income or the amount of your refund as a way to verify your identity. These amounts can be found on your 1040 tax return which can be found on your copies that we provided during tax time. The Adjusted Gross Income amount can be found on line 8B and your refund amount can be found on line 21A.

Here are some news links for more insight:

Q - I only receive Social Security Income and haven't filed in awhile, do I need to file taxes to receive a stimulus check?
A - No! The IRS will use information they already have to generate the stimulus money. Read more here.

Q - I don't normally file taxes and I don't receive Social Security Income. How can I get a stimulus check?

A - The IRS just launched an online info form for those that don't file returns or receive SSI benefits. For a full break down on what you need, read here. To complete that form, click here!

**This portal is not for tax payers that HAVE filed a 2019 tax return and are looking to update their direct deposit or mailing information. That information is available here.

Q - How much will I get for the stimulus check?
A - The U.S. Treasury will disburse up to $1,200 per adult and $500 per child under age 17. Use a estimate calculator here.

Q - Do I need to hurry and file my 2019 to be eligible for the stimulus checks?
A - No! If you filed a 2018 tax return, you are okay. There's no need to rush anything. If you are needing to file back taxes, complete our form below!

Q - When is the deadline to file taxes, anyways?
A - The deadline to file tax returns, pay tax obligations, or file extensions has been extended to Wednesday, July 15, 2020. 





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